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Company Overview

Quality GPS Service & Installations—Period.

You know, you can't just go out and find a good, high-quality GPS installer like you can a plumber or an electrician. With that said, we put a great deal of training into our new techs before they are ready to take great care of our customers. When we start a new tech with 12V/24V background, they spend up to two months of day-to-day, one-on-one training with one of our field supervisors before they are ready to work on their own. This means that we have a great deal invested in each of our technicians and it shows in the quality of our work. Ask your current provider how long their techs are trained before they go out on their own, and you might just be surprised.

What We Do

GPS Tracking, AVL, ELD, Telematics Equipment, and Mobile Camera Installations

MME offers installation and repair services of GPS tracking equipment from essentially all equipment manufacturers and resellers globally. Our technicians are familiar with virtually all vehicle types, both on-road and off-road. We frequently work with construction equipment and assets – powered and non-powered, towed, stationary, and specialty. Contact us to discuss your needs.

GPS Tracking Equipment Services

MME provides warranty and out-of-warranty repair services for many leading equipment providers and resellers. Contact us for more information.

GPS Tracking Equipment Custom Enclosure Design & Fabrication

If you have a specialty installation that requires an enclosure for heavy equipment or extreme environments, give us a call to discuss. MME has worked with several equipment manufacturers to develop enclosures for both simple and complex installations. Let us know how we can help.

Project Management

MME works with fleets and deployments of all sizes, from single-unit accounts to extremely large, nationwide, multi-location fleets. We have the expertise and the experience of successfully completing over 750,000 installations since our founding. We would love to be a part of your next deployment, sit back and let us handle everything for you.

Who We Are

We are extremely proud of our employees and all of their individual accomplishments. We are pleased to introduce to you the dependable, friendly, qualified people who will take care of you and your vehicles when you work with us for your GPS tracking installation and repair services. (Sorry ladies, not all these men are single...)


National Field Manager


North Texas Project Tech


Tech Support Genius

José G.

North Texas Tech


North Texas Project Tech

Vince N.

South Texas Field Supervisor

Cody D.

North Texas Field Supervisor

Mike M.

In Loving Memory


South Texas Tech

Joe B.

Southern California Tech

José C.

Southern California Tech


Northern California Tech

Mike X.

Northern California Tech


Dallas Office


Dallas Office


Dallas Office

Heather W.

Dallas Office

Jess D.

Dallas Office

Megan W.

Dallas Office


Northern California Office

Joe T.

Ohio & Michigan Tech


South Florida Tech

T2 (Captain Obvious)

South Florida Tech

Shelby M.

Dalworthington Gardens Office Schedule Coordinator


South Texas Install & Service Tech

Monika P.

Telematics Coordinator

Justin F.

Schedule Coordinator

Gus Montelongo

San Antonio, TX Tech

Timmy Sengdara

North Texas Technician

Enrique Gonzalez

Orlando Technician

Dickson Brown

Georgia Technician

Sebastian Espinoza

Virginia Technician


SoCal Technician

Devin (Kevin)

Head Janitor & Chief Bottle Washer

The Dogs of MME


In Loving Memory


Cleaned Up After by Devin & Belynda


Owns Devin


Walks On His Back Legs for Leah


Fed by Jess


Fed by Paul


Fed by Paul


Fed by Julie


Fed by Cheryn

Hank, Toby, & Ms. June

Bosses of Megan


Fed by Leah


Fed by Mike X.

da gnoMME


Zoey & Roscoe

Owners of Shelby M.


Owner of Julie


Fed by Edgar


Cleaned Up After by Edgar


Fed by Sebastian Espinoza

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